15 Best Insurance Companies in Lebanon

Before we tell you our reviews for some the best insurance companies in Lebanon, we have good news for Lebanese who are seeking to buy an insurance plan. Starting 2014 Lebanese can call 01 999 069 in case they faced any problem with any insurance company. Please note that this number is not for selling insurance services, only for complaints.

It is true that there are many risks that are exposed to our property and life, therefore it is very important to ensure that we prepare on how to prevent big losses once these risks affect us.

When choosing your insurance company first thing you should care about is “coverage”.  Example if you are looking for health insurance there are various types of plans available, some will provide only general health care, while others will provide specific types of health care that may cover vision problems and even dental problems. Website

Most popular types of insurance in Lebanon:

Medical Insurance:

Class K: In class K insurance, the insurance company provides a cover for all your medical requirements. However, when you get to the hospital, you will use a shared room with other patients. It does not cover a private room.

Class B: In class B, there is no much difference with class K but when you get to the hospital, you will be taken to a building that is still new or that has been recently constructed but you will be sharing the room with other patients. In case the hospital has two buildings, you will be taken to the newer or latest painted one.

Class A: you will be taken to a single room in the hospital where you will receive the best service. The insurance will cover all your bills inside the hospital: surgery, emergency room charges, and rehabilitation. Website

Before buying a medical insurance plan we suggest you to read the following articles:

What you should know before buying a Lebanese medical insurance plan

Car Insurance Types:

Third-Party Liability ضد الغير: This kind of policy protects other vehicles in the event of an accident that was caused due to your fault.The cost in Lebanon is Between 50 and 67$ per year  regardless what is your car model or the year of production.

Bodily Injury الزامي: If you are a driver and you hit a pedestrian on the road, you need to be covered by bodily injury insurance for the pedestrian. In most cases, the cover may go up to five hundred thousand dollars. The cost of this insurance is approximately $50/year.

Total Loss : covering fire, theft and the total damage of the car due to an accident (only if 65% of the car was damaged not less), also it covers damages you caused to other cars.

Cost: Depending on the car’s year of production and market value of the car.

All Risk: covering fire, theft, total damage due to an accident  in addition  to damages caused by yourself, example if you accidentally hit your car by a wall. Website

Cost: Depending on the car’s year of production and market value of the car.

Some of the Best Insurance Companies in Lebanon:

(in a random order)

Swan Group

The company comes from a team of dedicated professionals with over 20 years of global experience and over 50,000 members.

From healthcare coverage, laboratory and dental care services, to car and travel emergency and legal assistance.

150,000+: Average number of annual claims handled by the group.

2.5 Million+ : Number of claims handled by the group since inception.

Dental Care gives you access to a superior and friendly service with a network of the country’s best dentists.

Swan Group  have specialized highly qualified doctors (orthodontist, periodontist, endodontist, prosthodontist endodontist…)

From dental cleanings to root canals it can be difficult to predict how much money you are going to spend for your dental care.

With their individual and family dental healthcare programs, Swan Group provide you with the coverage you need to promote good dental health. Website

Labtest is a medical laboratory that provides all types of blood and urine tests. Equipped with the most developed and advanced equipment that meet the highest standards of quality. Labtest’s professional team provides a meticulous and accurate interpretation of any test in order to provide you with the most trusted medical results. Get a Free Quotation Now from Swan Group

Axa Middle East S.A.L

This is one of the best companies in insurance in the world that helps to prevent financial loss from the risks that face people’s assets. It has its services offered in over 60 countries.

Main Office:  Axa Middle East Building, Jal El-Dib Highway, JAL EL-DIB, Matn

12 Branches all across Lebanon: View All Branches

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Call Center: +961 4  727 000

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Been in existence for many years since 1967 and it has one of the most professionals who are well-skilled and who maintain a culture of offering customer-friendly services.

Apart from ensuring better services and economic growth, it has helped a lot in fostering efforts to protect equatorial rain forests and also trees in order to maintain a green environment.

Head Office

Jal El Dib
Jal El Dib Highway, Midtown Center, 2nd floor
P.O.Box: 116349 Riad Solh, Beirut 1107 2210 Lebanon
Tel/Fax: +961 4 719300

Established in 1944 and providing a wide range of insurance services under Life and Non-LifeBusiness.
The Head Office is based in Beirut,Lebanon with 9 countries of operations.

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They have a great mobile app to report a car accident: BANKERS DRIVE ASSIST.

This company has been shown that it has great experience in offering insurance services for over 46 years. It is also a member of NASCO insurance group whereby it has gained recognition due to its exemplary services.

This company is located in several places. It has its offices in several areas in Lebanon which makes it offer fine services to clients.

Address:  Riad El-Solh Square, El-Mir Bechir Street, Asseily Bldg. 4th floor, P.O.Box 11-4293 Beirut, Lebanon

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Phone:  +961 1 962 700

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This is another insurance company which offers very professional services in insurance. It is a company which operates in various countries. This company has operated for many years for almost 30 years and it has also created a lot of employment opportunities.

The company also offers one of the best services in risk management where it helps to assess various risks in various constructions whether simple or complex. It has many experts who are well trained and who have the best skills in this field.

Address:  Beirut Central District Medgulf Building, Patriarch Houwayek Street, BEIRUT CENTRAL DISTRICT, Beirut, LEBANON

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Phone:  +961 1 985 000

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Libano Suisse

-More than 55 years in operation

-7 Countries overseas

-30 branches & agencies including Lebanon, the Middle East and the Gulf

-200 000 clients in operation

-Turnover in 2014 151 USD Million

Partner with a number of causes and non-profit organizations that enable people to surmount adversities and difficult circumstances.

  • Kunhadi
  • Skoun
  • Heartbeat
  • Philippe Hatem Foundation
  • Yaduna
  • Roads for Life

Address:  Beirut – Kantary Commerce and Finance Building, 2nd floor P.O. Box 11-3821 Beirut 1107-2150

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Phone:  +961 1 374900

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Allianz SNA

Main Office:  Allianz SNA bld P.O. Box 16-6528 Beirut Lebanon

14 Branches all across Lebanon: View All Branches

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TEL:  +961  5 956 600

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Address:  P.O.Box 113 – 5686 Beirut – Lebanon

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Phone: +961  1 905777

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Address:  JM Plaza Bldg., Concorde Sq., Verdun,  Beirut-Lebanon

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Phone:  +961  1 998 000

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Address:  Aya Commercial Center , Dora, Beirut – Lebanon

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Phone: +961 1 256 290

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NEXT Care Health Insurance

Address:  Father Naamatallah Kahali street Saloumi, Sin El Fil, Beirut-Lebanon

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Phone:  +961 1 504000

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Address:  Head Office. Address: Chebli Bldg, Sassine Square, Achrafieh | PO Box: 166357 – Beirut – Lebanon

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Phone:  +961 1 212 213

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