15 Best Insurance Companies in Lebanon (Prices & Reviews)

Find below some of the best insurance companies in Lebanon (in random order), if you are willing to buy your first insurance policy in Lebanon we suggest you read the following first:

Medical Insurance Types in Lebanon

Class K: In class K insurance, the insurance company provides a cover for all your medical requirements. However, when you get to the hospital, you will use a shared room with other patients. It does not cover a private room.

Class B: In class B, there is no much difference with class K but when you get to the hospital, you will be taken to a building that is still new or that has been recently constructed but you will be sharing the room with other patients. In case the hospital has two buildings, you will be taken to the newer or latest painted one.

Class A: you will be taken to a single room in the hospital where you will receive the best service. The insurance will cover all your bills inside the hospital: surgery, emergency room charges, and rehabilitation.

Car Insurance Types in Lebanon

Third-Party Liability ضد الغير: This kind of policy protects other vehicles in the event of an accident that was caused due to your fault. The cost in Lebanon is Between 50 and 67$ per year regardless of what is your car model or the year of production.

Bodily Injury الزامي: If you are a driver and you hit a pedestrian on the road, you need to be covered by bodily injury insurance for the pedestrian. In most cases, the cover may go up to five hundred thousand dollars. The cost of this insurance is approximately $50/year.

Total Loss: covering fire, theft, and the total damage of the car due to an accident (only if 65% of the car was damaged not less), also it covers damages you caused to other cars. lawyers in dubai

Cost: Depending on the car’s year of production and market value of the car.

All Risk: covering fire, theft, total damage due to an accident in addition to damages caused by yourself, for example, if you accidentally hit your car by a wall. Website

Cost: Depending on the car’s year of production and market value of the car.

Swan Group comes from a team of dedicated professionals with over 20 years of global experience and over 50,000 members.

From healthcare coverage, laboratory and dental care services, to car and travel emergency, and legal assistance.

150,000+: Average number of annual claims handled by the group.

2.5 Million+: Number of claims handled by the group since inception.




AXA Group is the number one global insurance brand for the 10th consecutive year and the worldwide leader in insurance and asset management serving over 107 million clients and present in 64 countries.

Main Office:  Axa Middle East Building, Jal El-Dib Highway, JAL EL-DIB, Matn

12 Branches all across Lebanon: View All Branches

Call Center: +961 4  727 000



Fidelity provides you with “Your Easy Way Out” Service, which facilitates your business with them, especially when it comes to making and receiving payments. Wherever you are located in Lebanon, their fast and efficient collection payment service helps deliver policies and collect premiums from your home or office, and at your own convenience.

SMS Service

Fidelity has started a new SMS service that will be sent to their  Motor clients on a monthly basis, to remind them about your car’s Mechanic fee due the following month.

Address: (head office) Jal El Dib Highway, Midtown Center, 2nd floor
Tel: +961 4 719300




Established in 1944 and present across 9 Arab territories, Arabia Insurance owes its strength to 75 years of regional expertise.

The Head Office is based in Beirut, Lebanon with 9 countries of operations.

Address(Head Office): Ain Mreisseh – Arabia House Building – Phoenicia Street




They have a great mobile app to report a car accident: BANKERS DRIVE ASSIST.

This company has been shown that it has great experience in offering insurance services for over 46 years.

Address: Riad El-Solh Square, El-Mir Bechir Street, Asseily Bldg. 4th floor, P.O.Box 11-4293 Beirut, Lebanon

Tel: +961 1 962 700



Since 1980 Medgulf has brought peace of mind and security to millions of individuals and organizations across the Middle East. Since its inception in Lebanon, the Company has expanded right across the region, with a major presence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Kingdom of Bahrain.

Address:  Beirut Central District Medgulf Building, Patriarch Houwayek Street, BEIRUT CENTRAL DISTRICT, Beirut, LEBANON

Tel:  +961 1 985 000




More than 55 years in operation

  • 7 Countries overseas
  • 30 branches & agencies including Lebanon, the Middle East, and the Gulf
  • 200 000 clients in operation
  • Turnover in 2014: 151 USD Million

Partner with a number of causes and non-profit organizations:

  • Kunhadi
  • Skoun
  • Heartbeat
  • Philippe Hatem Foundation
  • Yaduna
  • Roads for Life

Address:  Beirut – Kantary Commerce and Finance Building, 2nd floor P.O. Box 11-3821 Beirut 1107-2150

Tel:  +961 1 374900



Allianz SNA was founded in Beirut in 1963, fully owned by Allianz Group, servicing over 147 thousand customers in over 17 offices and through more than 200 employees and 350 exclusive consultants.

Main Office:  Allianz SNA bld P.O. Box 16-6528 Beirut Lebanon

14 Branches all across Lebanon (View All Branches)

Tel:  +961  5 956 600



Established in 1974 and backed by BLOM Bank’s Solid Financial Background.

Address:  P.O.Box 113 – 5686 Beirut – Lebanon

Tel: +961-1-905777



Helping people pursue more from life since 1953.

  • 1921: American Life Insurance Company (ALICO) was founded in Shanghai, China.
  • 1953: Branch of ALICO was established in Lebanon as a life insurance leader.
  • 1960s: ALICO moves its headquarters to Delaware, United States.
  • 1972: ALICO becomes the first foreign life insurance company licensed to sell in Japan.
  • 1980s: ALICO begins operations in Central and Eastern Europe, followed by expansion in Latin America and the Middle East. A true growth story that continues until this day.
  • 2010: MetLife acquires ALICO creating one global company to meet the needs of 90 million customers in over 60 countries.
  • 2017: MetLife maintains its long-standing position as the number one life insurer in Lebanon with 17% market share.

Address:  JM Plaza Bldg., Concorde Sq., Verdun,  Beirut-Lebanon

Tel:  +961  1 998 000



Established in 1983 as part of the Byblos Bank Group, ADIR Insurance has since garnered over three decades of experience in delivering top-of-the-line covers.

Address:  Aya Commercial Center , Dora, Beirut – Lebanon

Tel: +961 1 256 290




Founded in 1999, they are part of Allianz since 14 years with more than 1700 employees from more than 50 nationalities.

Address:  Father Naamatallah Kahali street Saloumi, Sin El Fil, Beirut-Lebanon

Tel:  +961 1 504000