10 Best Medical Insurance Companies in Lebanon

Types of Medical Insurance in Lebanon
  1. Class K: In class K insurance, the insurance company provides a cover for all your medical requirements. However, when you get to the hospital, you will use a shared room with other patients. It does not cover a private room.
  2. Class B: In class B, there is no much difference with class K but when you get to the hospital, you will be taken to a building that is still new or that has been recently constructed but you will be sharing the room with other patients. In case the hospital has two buildings, you will be taken to the newer or latest painted one.
  3. Class A: you will be taken to a single room in the hospital where you will receive the best service. The insurance will cover all your bills inside the hospital: surgery, emergency room charges, and rehabilitation.
Factors that Affect Your Medical Insurance Price
  1. Age

The amount you pay yearly for your insurance cover, is usually determined by age. The annual charge for elderly is usually higher because they are in and out of hospital due to sicknesses. On the other hand, young people are not easily caught up in illnesses and this is why their annual charge is lower.

  1. Tobacco Use

If you are involved in smoking a cigarette, chewing tobacco, or taking other substances that causes harm to your body, then you might be charged a higher amount compared to non smokers.

According to the insurance companies, tobacco users are prone to various diseases, including lung cancer, kidney stones, and throat cancer among others. Of course, these diseases are very costly to manage and an insurance company will request for higher premiums to have you covered.

  1. Your Body Mass Index

The BMI is defined as the body mass divided by the square of the body height, and is universally expressed in units of kg/m².

Insurance companies usually associate high BMI with various health conditions like diabetes, stroke, heart diseases, kidney issues, joint pains, back pains, obesity.

Besides, when it comes to normal conditions like delivering if it is a woman, they may develop complications that will make hospitalized for long thus ending up paying more money than their fellows who had a normal BMI.

  1. Drugs

If you are  involved in taking illegal drugs like opium, heroine and other drugs that have major consequences, then you will not be given an insurance cover. These illegal drugs can cause severe effects like madness, hallucinations, violence, and other side effects. Insurance companies will usually test your urine or blood to ascertain that you are not using any of these illegal drugs. If you want to secure an insurance cover, avoid taking illegal drugs.

Steps to Undergo Through

Filling a questionnaire

If you are under 50 years, then you will be required to fill a questionnaire about your medical history. You will be required to be honest in answering the questions. In case you are using any drug or medicine, you are supposed to declare it in the form. The insurance company will give you a window of two years to verify whether the information you declared is true. In case, it is false, you will lose your insurance cover.

Medical examination

This is usually done for those who are above 50 years to determine whether they have the diseases they are suffering from. The insurance company conducts the medical exam freely or it may send you to the doctor. The examination involves blood tests, physical, and urine test. You will be required to abstain from food for around 8-12 hours before undergoing medical exam.

The physical examination will consist of:

  • Confirming your identity
  • Urine sample
  • Blood sample
  • Height measurement
  • Blood pressure
  • Weight measurement
  • Pulse measurement
  • EKG for the elderly
  • Questions about your medical history

The entire examination should take you 30-50 minutes.

Nicotine Test

Insurance companies go as far as testing nicotine in your blood. Mostly smoking cigarette can easily get huge amounts of nicotine in your blood system. This test will also determine whether you are still actively smoking or you are an inactive or passive smoker. Nevertheless, they don’t determine the cause of nicotine in your bloodstream.

The best thing to do is to avoid all avenues that may bring nicotine to you so as to be on the safe side.

The Waiting Period

You will be given an initial period of 365 days, in other words you insurance company wont cover any disease within the first year (except for accidents). This will discourage people from taking insurance after getting a disease. There are insurance policies that cater for maternity and pregnancy period. The waiting period for the maternity benefits is usually 10 months.

Allianz SNA was founded in Beirut in 1963, fully owned by Allianz Group, servicing over 147 thousand customers in over 17 offices and through more than 200 employees and 350 exclusive consultants.

Main Office:  Allianz SNA bld P.O. Box 16-6528 Beirut Lebanon

14 Branches all across Lebanon (View All Branches)

Tel:  +961  5 956 600


Cigna Insurance Lebanon


Cigna is a global healthcare leader that offers a wide range of comprehensive health insurance plans for businesses, government entities, individuals and families across the world. It access to over 3,000 healthcare providers in the UAE and over 5,000 in the Middle East with 225+ year heritage in healthcare, 60 years serving people globally and 20 years in the Middle East.

Address:  Holcom Building, Block B, 3rd Floor, Beirut

Tel: 01 999 654


Helping people pursue more from life since 1953.

  • 1921: American Life Insurance Company (ALICO) was founded in Shanghai, China.
  • 1953: Branch of ALICO was established in Lebanon as a life insurance leader.
  • 1960s: ALICO moves its headquarters to Delaware, United States.
  • 1972: ALICO becomes the first foreign life insurance company licensed to sell in Japan.
  • 1980s: ALICO begins operations in Central and Eastern Europe, followed by expansion in Latin America and the Middle East. A true growth story that continues until this day.
  • 2010: MetLife acquires ALICO creating one global company to meet the needs of 90 million customers in over 60 countries.
  • 2017: MetLife maintains its long-standing position as the number one life insurer in Lebanon with 17% market share.

Address:  JM Plaza Bldg., Concorde Sq., Verdun,  Beirut-Lebanon

Tel:  +961  1 998 000


Established in 1983 as part of the Byblos Bank Group, ADIR Insurance has since garnered over three decades of experience in delivering top-of-the-line covers.

Address:  Aya Commercial Center , Dora, Beirut – Lebanon

Tel: +961 1 256 290


More than 55 years in operation

  • 7 Countries overseas
  • 30 branches & agencies including Lebanon, the Middle East, and the Gulf
  • 200 000 clients in operation
  • Turnover in 2014: 151 USD Million

Partner with a number of causes and non-profit organizations:

  • Kunhadi
  • Skoun
  • Heartbeat
  • Philippe Hatem Foundation
  • Yaduna
  • Roads for Life

Address:  Beirut – Kantary Commerce and Finance Building, 2nd floor P.O. Box 11-3821 Beirut 1107-2150

Tel:  +961 1 374900